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A Guide to Sibling Sponsorship in Canada

Since Canada places a lot of focus on family, there are many different programs that can help you bring family members to the country. The Sibling Sponsorship program in Canada can be very handy for Canadian immigration. It’s important to learn more about it and ensure that everything is ok.

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How does it work?

You are allowed to sponsor a relative, and you need to be 18 years old and also registered as a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen. You also need to be able to support your relative financially when they come to the country.

There are fees related to Sibling Sponsorship applications too, and they tend to change from time to time. When it comes to the processing time, this can vary from one country to the other. You must answer questions such as the application type, who you want to sponsor, and also where the relatives live too.

Are you eligible to offer a Sibling Sponsorship?

You must live in Canada and you also need to have a job here. However, there are situations when you can’t sponsor a sibling. If you declared bankruptcy, receive social assistance, don’t meet the sponsorship conditions, or were convicted of crimes, these things can end up bringing in issues.

Aside from that, your relative also needs to be eligible. You can talk with the ANOC migration consultants and migration advisors, they will be able to assist with this.

Applying to sponsor

You must submit the application, and that requires supporting documents, you must attach proof of income, and also need to prove the relative can provide for themselves. Once you fulfill that requirement, you must pay the application fees.

That means processing fees, the right of permanent residence fee of $515, and biometrics-related fees. Once you do that, you can submit the application and wait for a reply. This can take some time, depending on the situation. You will receive a link where you can track the progress of your Sibling Sponsorship application.


The Sibling Sponsorship program is very helpful since it can help bring your relatives to the country. With that in mind, you do want to use migration services as a way to keep the process fast and seamless.

ANOC Immigration is here to help with the best migration consultants and migration advisors as quickly as possible. Contact us today for more information and we will be happy to assist!


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