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What are Canada's Immigration Options for Parents and Grandparents

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

If you live in Canada and your parents/grandparents are not, they can still receive a Canadian immigration pass thanks to the Parents and Grandparents Super Visa. This can be offered for up to 7 years, and it’s extremely helpful. This program already welcomed more than 11000 residents last year.

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Why is this program important?

The main focus of this program is to bring in the utmost value and necessity, which is to help grandparents. The Parents and Grandparents Super Visa actually works on a lottery system. The citizens submit an interest to sponsor form.

Once the form is sent, then they are placed in the pool and the IRCC will make random draws and then send invitations to apply. There are some requirements, with the sponsors being at least 18 years old, they also have to live in Canada and be Canadian citizens. They also need to have enough money to help their parents.

Sponsors must support their parents/grandparents for 20 years

It’s a good idea to receive Canada visa assistance here since you do want to ensure everything is working exactly the way you want. Making sure that you get the migration consultants and migration advisors properly is crucial here. You also want to focus on the process and experience to ensure everything is managed at the right level.

The 20 years of financial support will start once they are approved for permanent residence. Depending on the region, there might be some changes, but that’s certainly a thing to keep in mind here. The full or half brothers and sisters will only be eligible if they qualify as dependent kids.

What is the length of this visa?

The Parents and Grandparents Super Visa can allow up to 5 years of residence for the parent/grandparent. That being said, some adjustments can be made to the length. That’s why you want to use migration services to ensure everything is managed appropriately and you get the best results.

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