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What are the documents required for Canadian Work Permit?

Getting a Canadian Work Permit is very important and one of those things that can truly make a difference from a professional standpoint. You can start working here and generating great income, which in turn will provide lots of profits. With that in mind, there are plenty of different jobs in Canada you can find, but many will require a work permit. With that in mind, ANOC can help with things like Canada Express Entry assistance and any of the help and support that you need. When it comes to the documents you need, here are the ones to focus on.


Needless to say, you will need a form of identification. This is usually your passport, so you have to share a photocopy of the passport which shows the passport number, issue, expiry date, place of birth, date, photo, name, and so on. All of these are extremely important to keep in mind. You will also need 2 pictures to fulfill the visa application standards.


When it comes to education, you do want to show proof of diplomas, certificates, and degrees. It’s also possible to add transcripts and various mark sheets. These can help show the education history, and it’s a very important step to take into consideration here.

Work experience

The work experience can be shown in a variety of different things. Copies of relieving and appointment letters from present/past employers can be a very good option. You can share payslip copies, bank statement copies, and reference letters, and you can also share the location and phone number of any of the previous employers.

Proof of funds

You will need to show that you have money to support yourself. It’s a part of the Canadian immigration process. Here you can share the income tax returns for the past 2 years, books or bank statements for the past 3 months, and maybe you can share property ownership documents.

Family info

In case you want to move with the partner or spouse, you want to share the Family Information Form and a copy of the birth certificate and marriage certificate.

Other things you need to submit:

  • Show proof of your current legal status

  • Show that you received a valid job offer in Canada

  • Submit a report of a police clearance certificate

  • Show you have a post-graduate work permit, as required


ANOC is here to help with the right migration consultants and migration advisors that you may need. We are always committed to making the entire process simple and convenient. Our focus is to bring in the best quality and experience, while also making it easier for you to receive the work permit you need!

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